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My holiday was amazing!! Probably my favourite holiday I’ve ever been on. The flight there was great, slept most of it and the flight back was great...shut my eyes and relaxed. Overall I was relaxed on all the flights and wasn’t on edge. Great result!! Thanks for everything Lucy!!

I just wanted to thank you again for helping [my son] - he has been writing for England!! He even had calluses in his fingers because he'd never held a pen for that long before!

I attended 12 hypnosis sessions with Lucy to explore lowering stress levels in my life. I found the sessions really beneficial. I definitely experienced very deep relaxation, a far more positive outlook, felt better able to respond calmly to stress/juggling life’s responsibilities and slept better. I would highly recommend this to everyone!

I went to see Lucy, when I was going through a tricky time in my life...divorce, heartbreak and moving house. My anxiety levels were at an all time high and I was completely sleep deprived and I lost the ability to make decisions due to the amount of stress I was going through. Lucy helped me to escape from the dark...I actually could feel the heavy weight being lifted off me after each session and her relaxation CD also meant that I could listen to her calming voice each evening to help me sleep. Lucy helped me to focus on little stages to make a difference in my life and I can happily say now that I have managed to turn everything around and I am now living the life I was meant for. Thanks for all your help, it honestly made a massive difference to me.

Through your sessions, I feel like my life is back on track. Not only have you helped me to overcome the constant worry and anxiety I had but also given me the tools to enable me to deal with situations that previously would have floored me. I am hugely grateful for your help.

I yo yoed for years trying to quit smoking until finally I tried hypnotherapy as I had tried everything else. It gave me that extra bit of willpower that I needed. Lucy was professional but also made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I would highly recommend her.

I took my 6 year old daughter to see Lucy hoping that she might be able to help her with sleep problems that she was having. My daughter had developed a very real fear of sleep due to a recurring dream. Lucy was calm, professional and kind and had a really lovely way about her and had no problem staying with her alone for her 45 minute session. My daughter came out of the session happy and calm. What was more impressive was that (quite remarkably) she slept through the night in her own room for the first time in months that night. We had 4 more sessions to consolidate the work that Lucy had done with her which were all very positive. I would not hesitate to recommend Lucy.